Home Based Business Tax Breaks

Home based business tax breaks are important for each entrepreneur to understand what tax breaks are available to them. Having a business in you home allows you to convert many non deductible personal expenses into tax deductible business expenses. Congress has approved major tax breaks specifically for those who have a home based business or MLM business. These types of home businesses are good for the economy and provide a safety net.   Understanding these new deductions could slash their taxes dramatically. As this type of business owner you can sometimes cut your taxes by approximately 30 to 40 percent. However, you must remember the IRS is very specific about the requirements when qualifying for home business tax deductions.How easy it is to qualify? Qualifying is easy if the primary management of your business is conducted in your home. Consider these four things as listed below:1.  You must make sure the home office area is used regularly and exclusively for business.2.  You must run your business with the intent to produce a profit. You do not have to make a profit in order to qualify for the deductions you must just be working toward making a profit.3.  Work your business on a regular and consistent basis, perhaps one to four hours a day, four or five days a week.4.  One of the most important is you must keep good records.The costs of starting-up your home business all can be one hundred percent deductible if they are used one hundred percent for business. Below are just a few examples of business start up costs:1.  Promotional materials
2.  Internet access fees
3.  Cellular phones, fax lines, palm pilots, and 800-numbers
4.  Web site hosting fees, domain name costs
5.  Printing costs and business cards
6.  Home office furnishings and suppliesThe rule of thumb to remember is any expense incurred is those strictly related to your business. (The key here is you would not have incurred the expense if you did not have a home based business.)Many entrepreneurs in home based businesses can honestly and legitimately deduct $3,000 to $6,000 or more per year for use of their personal vehicles. What you need to do is keep a minimum of a ninety day mileage log or more during them year. This mileage log must show the date, destination, primary purpose and the starting and ending odometer readings of each trip. Note that only the primary purpose of each trip needs to be recorded.  Even if you combine a personal errand with a necessary business errand the vehicle use is still tax deductible. It is important to remember, as long as the primary purpose was business related and the personal errand did not add any additional mileage it can be used as a business tax deduction. Some other household tax deductions as a business owner include:1.  Mortgage or rent
2.  Heating, air conditioning, electricity and natural gas
3.  Water and sewer
4.  Trash collection and recycling fees
5.  Security alarms
6.  Sometimes major house repairs and much more. Most taxpayers can deduct only health care costs that exceed 7.5% of their taxable income. Which means most taxpayers can’t deduct anything. If you’re married and employ your spouse in your home based business, you can give your spouse, as an employee benefit, a reimbursement for all health related costs not covered under any other insurance plan. This can be given to the employee (spouse) and his or her immediate family. This will also include you and the children.  Coverage includes annual deductibles, co pays, non-covered expenses like orthodontics, and even over-the-counter drugs.Remember the tax benefits for home businesses change frequently as new tax bills are passed and new tax deduction clarifications are issued. However, when they do change they just seem to keep getting better. If you do not have a home based business you lose out on all of these huge tax deductions. These are some of the important helpful hints every new entrepreneur needs to know when it comes to taxes for your business. You will find that you too can have the success that you have always wanted. Isn’t  this what every successful network marketing entrepreneur wants?

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